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Catalonia to Vote on Independence from Spain on October 1st

Catalonia’s parliament has given the greenlight for an independence vote that Spain's government says is illegal. On Wednesday Catalan lawmakers passed a law to to...
The Brussels group news machine

The Brussels Media Machine Exposed

In the heart of Europe lies a well-oiled media machine, which can distribute information to all major media outlets across the continent in a matter of hours, affecting major political outcomes.
European Election Results

2014 European Election Results: See How Europe Voted (infographic)

See the European Election results from all EU countries in real time. With an increase in voter turnout, Europe is deciding its future in...

Greek Mobile Operator Earns ‘Retailer of the Year’ in Poland

The Greek mobile operator Play, of Panos Germanos, earned “Retailer of the Year” in the Polish market. The Play network boasting 1,000 stores, was...

300 Russian Tourists to Greece Stranded in Airports

About 300 Russian tourists cannot fly to Greece due to visa delays that left them stranded in airports, Vladimir Kaganer, head of Russia’s Tez...