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Greek Schools in Germany Close Down?

Greek expatriates in Germany became concerned when they heard about the suspension of some Greek schools' that were up and running. Greek government, however, unofficially announced...

Breaking: Angela Merkel Signs $300 Billion War Reparation Check to Greece

The members of the German Bundestag were shocked as Angela Merkel changed completely her stance on Greece and announced that Germany will pay in installments to debt-ridden country close to 300 billion euros for war reparations.

Germany Apologizes for Neo-Nazi Greek and Turkish Murders

Germany has apologized for not being able to prevent the deaths of 10 people – eight Turks, one Greek and one German policewoman –...

German Magazine Focus Versus Greece

The weekly German newsmagazine 'Focus' published a new an article against Greece. In this edition of Focus has been added a covershot of...