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Eurovision: Politics Behind Europe’s Largest Singing Contest

By Keshia Jacotine, Monash University Eurovision began as an experiment by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in 1956. At the time, the idea of having many...
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Hypocrisies and Cruelties on the Frontier of Fortress Europe

By CHRIS JONES* and SOFIANE AIT CHALALET* Reading the mainstream press this past month, by any standards the reactions and commentaries on the latest slaughter of...
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Why Frontex Can’t Solve the Mediterranean Migration Crisis on Its Own

Frontex operations alone cannot be a solution to Europe's immigration problem as the agency does not have the scope or ability to address the causes of the current migration crisis.
The Brussels group news machine

The Brussels Media Machine Exposed

In the heart of Europe lies a well-oiled media machine, which can distribute information to all major media outlets across the continent in a matter of hours, affecting major political outcomes.

Marathon Flame Arrives in Düsseldorf

By Aspasia Zontanou For the first time in the history of Düsseldorf, the Marathon flame travelled from Athens on Friday, April 24, to the capital...
The Greek and Bulgarian Flags

Greece and Bulgaria: Celebrating 60 Years of Diplomatic Relations 1954-2014

In May 2014, Greece and Bulgaria celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 1954 restoration of their diplomatic relations. Bilateral affairs of the last six decades underwent remarkable and unexpected progress...
Pytheas Named Britain before the Romans

Origin of the Name Britain and the Western Greeks

Where does the name Britain come from and who gave it? A new book focuses on astronomer Pytheas of Massalia (Marseille) exploring the North Atlantic in the 320s B.C. who discovered, measured, circumnavigated and named Britain 265 years before the Romans.

Eurozone Economy Faces Another Bad Year

By VOA / Lisa Bryant - Hopes that the 17-member eurozone will finally emerge from its economic doldrums this year have faded, with new...

The Greek Influence On Rome

By Dean J. Argyris* - Rome changed the world; there is no doubt of that. They constructed an intricate network of roads that connected...

Greece Tries to Re-Brand Itself in London

Greece make its pitch at the annual World Travel Market in London trying to show it is developing new ways to lure tourists in...