Turkey Claims to Have Discovered Enormous Natural Gas Deposit in Black Sea

The Black Sea coast near Istanbul. Photo: pxfuel
According to a new report by Reuters, Turkish President Erdogan claimed on Friday that his country’s experts have discovered the largest gas deposit that the country had ever located in the Black Sea.

In an address to the nation, the Turkish leader stated that a natural gas field estimated to contain 320 billion cubic meters of the fuel has been recently located under the Black Sea, adding that it may very well be possible that there are other deposits nearby.

Erdogan is quoted as saying “Now I want to share our good news with you: Turkey has realized the biggest natural gas finding of its history in the Black Sea,”  later adding that Turkey aims to not only exploit the resource beginning in 2023 but to become a net energy exporting country.

There is no confirmation of the supposed natural gas discovery from any source outside Turkey.