EU Slams Turkish Aggression, Calls on UN Security Council to Intervene

The European Union strongly condemned Turkey’s recent aggression in Syria on Monday afternoon, following a meeting of the foreign ministers of each of its member nations.

The EU used strong language to condemn Turkey’s invasion in Syria, urging it to immediately cease its unilateral military action in northeast Syria and to withdraw its forces from the area.

”The EU condemns Turkey’s military action which seriously undermines the stability and the security of the whole region, resulting in more civilians suffering and further displacement and severely hindering access to humanitarian assistance. It makes the prospects for the UN-led political process to achieve peace in Syria far more difficult,” the EU statement noted on Monday.

The European Union also noted that Turkey’s actions jeopardize the important gains that have already been made against the so-called Islamic State as well.

The European Union also called on the international community, including the UN Security Council, to intervene in order to stop Turkey’s military advances.

”Taking into account the fact that Turkey’s military action with its dramatic consequences is still ongoing, the EU recalls the decision taken by some Member States to immediately halt arms exports licensing to Turkey. Member States commit to strong national positions regarding their arms export policy to Turkey,” the EU press release stated.

The Union also decided not to provide further stabilization or development assistance in areas where the rights of local populations have been either ignored or violated by Turkey.