Greek Orthodox Community Celebrates Feast of Agia Paraskevi on Tenedos

Ayazma Monastery on Tenedos Island (now Turkey’s Bozcaada Island). Credit:

A group of people belonging to the Greek Orthodox community of the island of Tenedos celebrated the Orthodox feast day of Agia (Saint) Paraskevi on Thursday.

Tenedos, now known in Turkey as Bozcaada, is an island in the Northeast Aegean Sea.

It was once home to thousands of Greeks, who gradually left, due to economic and political reasons, after the island was placed under Turkish administration in 1923.

Greek, Italian, American, Canadian, French and Turkish worshipers were among those who attended the service, conducted at Ayazma Monastery on the south of the island.

The fair, held on the feast  day of Agia Paraskevi, is called ”Ayazma” as well, and people of Tenedos celebrate her memory because, according to Christian belief, the martyred saint once lived on the island.