Thirty-three EU Lawmakers Nominate Tsipras, Zaev for Nobel Peace Prize

Thirty-three members of the European Parliament signed a letter addressed to Norway’s Nobel Committee proposing that the prime ministers of Greece and North Macedonia be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

“This is the first time that such a pioneering agreement has (been) reached in the Balkans… (Greek Prime Minister Tsipras and North Macedonian Prime Minister Zaev’s) nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize conveys the message that courage and progressive thinking beyond national borders should be rewarded,” the letter reads.

The members of the European Parliament who nominated the leaders are from a total of sixteen countries and are representative of the entire political spectrum, with the exception of the far right.

The official visit of Greek PM Tsipras to North Macedonia, accompanied by ten cabinet members and some 140 Greek businessmen on Tuesday, has been dubbed as “historic” by the Greek government.