Cyprus Intensifies Preparations for ”No-Deal” Brexit


Cyprus’ Foreign Ministry spokesperson Demetris Samuel told the state-run CNA news agency on Wednesday that ”The Republic of Cyprus intensifies the island’s preparations in view of a possible disorderly Brexit.”

When asked about the possibilities of a ”no-deal” Brexit on March 29, following Theresa May’s second parliamentary defeat over her withdrawal agreement on Tuesday evening, Samuel said that Cyprus had already started readying for such an eventuality since last summer.

The Cypriot spokesperson stated ”even though we fully respect the sovereign decision of the House of Commons, we are disappointed by the result of last night’s voting in London, as it is obvious that it does not lead us closer to an orderly Brexit.”

Members of the British Parliament will vote on Wednesday evening on whether or not they will rule out a ”no-deal” Brexit. If they do so, the House of Commons will vote on Thursday whether or not London will ask for a temporary postponement of the entire Brexit process.

If the House of Commons denies ruling out a no-deal exit with Brussels, or denies asking for a temporary postponement, then legally the default situation will be a ”no-deal” Brexit. According to British law, this will occur at 22:59 GMT on March 29.

Samuel stated, ”We continue to consider, as our European partners and the European Commission do, that the ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom … in combination with the additional assurances given on behalf of the EU, is the only way which secures that Brexit will happen in an orderly way.”

The UK and Cyprus have very close economic and political ties, and Britain holds two sovereign military bases on the island, Akrotiri and Dhekelia. Thousands of people live within the boundaries of the British bases, which are considered British soil.