Greek Siblings Launch App to Connect Over 10,000 Athletes

Alex and Katerina Tanti, Source: Screenshot from Racecheck website

A platform popular with tens of thousands of athletes worldwide, Racecheck, was created by Greek siblings Alexandros and Katerina Tanti. The app was inspired by the duo’s love for triathlons.

Together, the siblings created the Racecheck website, to be accompanied by a soon-to-be-launched mobile app, with the goal of connecting the global community of athletes. Racecheck offers athletes everything from the chance to register for upcoming races of all types, to the sharing of experiences and reviews of races. With the launch of the new app, athletes will also receive notifications of upcoming events in their area.

Screenshot of Racecheck website

Racecheck is not just for professional or hardcore athletes. It offers athletes of all levels and disciplines the opportunity to search for the perfect event that best suits them. Athletes can sign up for free to see events that are personalized and selected just for them based on their location and fitness level. Users can follow their friends, make new connections, and share their races and finish times with the platform.

Racecheck also has a platform for race organizers, where they can list their event for free, receive notifications and replies to reviews, and reach their target audience to increase participation in their races.

More information is available here.