Following Spanish Request, Greece Ousts its Consul General in Barcelona






Following a request by Spanish authorities, Greece has removed its consul general in Barcelona from his post.

This move was announced by Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrel on Wednesday.

Fernando Turró Homedes was accused by the Spanish government of “openly interfering in internal politics” and “insulting the Spanish flag,” according to a report in the El Pais daily.

El Pais cites diplomatic sources, according to which Homedes participated in Catalan independence events, including celebrations for the Catalan national holiday, wearing a jersey displaying the separatist flag.

“Any citizen can do what he wants, but not a diplomatic representative,” Borrel was quoted as saying in a parliamentary sub-committee meeting.

Borrel added that the Spanish Foreign Ministry contacted the Greek Embassy in Madrid requesting Homedes’ removal. The Greek Embassy obliged, and the consul general was removed from his post.