New €100 And €200 Banknotes Revealed (video)

The new EURO banknotes

The European Central Bank revealed the new €100 and €200 banknotes in Frankfurt.

The new banknotes will be available from May 28, 2019 and they will replace the old ones that have been in circulation since January 1, 2002.

The two new banknotes will conclude the complete renewal of the European currency that started a few years ago, since the ECB decided that the €500 banknotes are no longer going to be printed.

The European Central Bank claims that the new banknotes will be much more difficult to be forged, as they will include brand new security features.

The €100 banknotes represent the 23 per cent of the total value of cash that’s been circulated throughout the Eurozone, while the €200 ones represent just 4 per cent.

On average, 40-60,000 fake banknotes are confiscated every month in Europe, with the majority of them being the €50 ones.