Meet the Greek Chef who Cooked for Vladimir Putin and the British Royals

by Grace Parkin

Globetrotting chef Nikolaos Koulousias has been bringing Greek tastes to the tables of the rich and famous, including the British Royals and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Koulousias born in Germany from immigrant parents from Kozani, northern Greece, was selected to be part of a team of chefs to cook for the royal wedding of Prince Harry in May 2018.

“I felt proud to bring the Greek flag to Windsor Palace. Greek olive oil was high up on the list of ingredients we used,” he said in a recent interview.

Two years earlier he had the privilege of cooking rabbit (stifado) for President Putin in Moscow. He has also cooked for numerous rock stars, including the Rolling Stones, the Scorpions and Sting.

The inspiration for his success in the culinary world came from his grandmother, he said in an interview with the Greek Reporter.

“My grandmother inspired me at the age of seven and at the age of fourteen years old I knew I had to follow my passion and dream of becoming a chef.”

He said that his mentor is the British chef Marco Pierre White who has been dubbed the first celebrity chef: “I see myself in him, a rebel with his heart on the right side”.

Koulousias is certainly following the steps of White as he appears on many TV shows in Europe and Greece. Among them the German Master Chef reality show.

He is currently working as a consultant to various restaurants and hotels around the world bringing the Greek kitchen and its aromatic flavors to them.

He was recently awarded the prestigious title of Αmbassador for Greek gastronomy for his success in spreading Greek food worldwide.

“Greece has many renowned chefs who spread the flavors of Greece beyond borders,” Koulousias said.

His success has not dented his humility. Asked where he sees himself five years on he says:

“I just know I will be the same person you talk to today, I just know I will still be cooking with a passion with a lot of determination to reach the goals I have set myself.”