Greek Museums Take on Europe’s Best in Video Awards

Two Greek museums are in the running for a European award which recognizes short videos produced to showcase their exhibits, storytelling and research.

The Diachronic Museum in Larissa’s video ‘Tracing the footsteps of human society’ and ‘I am the Lion of Kythera’ by the Archaeological Museum of Kythera are among those from 49 museums across 20 European countries being reviewed by jurists.

Winners of the the Museums in Short Award 2018 will be revealed on Aug. 31 in Piran, Slovenia.

The jury, an international group of museum, media and video professionals, selected 12 finalists, divided in three categories: promotional (trailers communicating museums, their exhibitions or events), exhibits (short video realized for permanent or temporary exhibition) and storytelling (short narratives in video format – fictional documentaries, interviews, motion graphics and animations).