Hundreds Rally in Turkey in Solidarity to Fire-Stricken Greece

Hundreds of Turkish citizens rallied outside the historic building housing the Consulate General of Greece in Izmir in solidarity to fire-stricken Greece.

Greece’s Consul General Argyro Papoulia posted pictures of the crowd that gathered outside the consulate on Thursday night with candles, placards and flowers in a show of support.

They also held a banner that read “Hold on neighbors”, copying a front-page headline run by the Greek newspaper “Eleftherotypia” on August 17, 1999 following a disastrous earthquake in Turkey.

Messages of support for Greece from Turkey have also flooded the social media, where the hashtag #Yunanistan (the Turkish name for Greece) was among the top global trends and the hashtag “get well soon neighbor” was a top trend in Turkey.

Source: AMNA