Crowds Protest in Skopje over Greece, FYROM ‘Macedonia’ Deal (video)

Thousands of people have protested in the center of FYROM’s capital, Skopje, against the name deal with Greece.

Waving flags and setting off flares, the crowd marched to FYROM’s parliament on Saturday night demanding the agreement be scrapped.

Lawmakers in FYROM on Wednesday ratified the name deal with Greece in a first-step vote which was boycotted by the country’s main opposition party.

The necessary legislation was passed by 69-0 in the 120-seat chamber but VMRO-DPMNE lawmakers did not attend. The party is bitterly opposed to the deal with Athens which will see the country renamed ‘North Macedonia’.

Speaking ahead of Wednesday’s vote, FYROM premier Zoran Zaev said the deal represented a “dignified” accord between Skopje and Athens on an issue which had dogged the two nations for years.

Voters in FYROM will take part in a referendum on the deal later this year, which could see the former Yugoslav republic gain entry to NATO and the EU.