Crowd Gasps as Horse Throws Athina Onassis at Showjumping Event

Athina Onassis has made recent headlines due to her highly publicized divorce from her husband Alvaro de Miranda Neto (Doda). The details of the divorce revealed that Doda had been stepping out of his 11-year-marriage for over 8 years as he maintained an affair with a Belgian call-girl.

The heiress of Aristotle Onassis’s fortune seems to not be able to catch a break as her bad luck continued over the past week in Cannes. Onassis, an experienced equestrian athlete who takes part in many international competitions, fell from her horse during a competition.

At first the crowd froze as she was thrown from her horse, but were then relieved as they saw it was not serious.

Alexis Mantheakis, a close associate and associate of both Onassis and her father Thierry Russell, caught the fall on video and later stated that she seemed to be out of shape while preparing for the competition.

“Athina Onassis yesterday. The bad performances/luck continue as she falls from her formerly perfect performing horse Cinsey, multimillion-dollar animal, and is eliminated. What is going on after the perfect rounds and now one bad performance centre after another with horse refusals, multiple penalty points and now the worst as the horse throws her on a jump?”, wrote Mantheakis on his website.