Ugly Scenes Break Out in FYROM Parliament (video)

Former FYROM premier Nikola Gruevski (reaching across desk) seen interrupting parliament speaker Talat Xhaferi

Ugly scenes were recorded in Skopje on Wednesday when FYROM’s former prime minister interrupted, harangued and threw water at the speaker of the country’s parliament.

Nikola Gruevski, leader of the nationalist VMRO-DPMNE party, became enraged with parliament speaker Talat Xhaferi during the passing of a new language law.

Xhaferi was confronted by a number of opposition lawmakers while talking, with Gruevski repeatedly hitting a bell on the Xhaferi’s desk. Gruevski then strode around the table to confront the Albanian-origin speaker.

The two later exchanged words in a sharp confrontation after Xhaferi finished his speech.

FYROM lawmakers have passed a law on languages, which will increase status to Albanian, spoken by about 25 percent of the country’s citizens.

Exchange starts 8m 30secs into video.

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Posted by Независен Весник / Nezavisen Vesnik on Wednesday, March 14, 2018