Skopje Opposition Insist on Keeping ‘Macedonia’


Feb. 2014 protest in FYROM. (Courtesy of Independent Balkan News Agency)

As Skopje’s political leadership prepares to meet on Saturday evening, one of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)’s opposition parties has hinted at plans to rename the country’s ‘Alexander the Great’ international airport.

Vice president of the VROM party, Aleksandar Nikoloski, denied irredentism from FYROM and said there should be no changes to the country’s constitution, insisting the name ‘Macedonia’ should remain.

Saturday’s meeting in Skopje will be headed by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and will include representatives of the country’s opposition. UN mediator Matthew Nimetz is due to hold two days of meetings in Skopje next week.

It comes on a day of talks for Greek leader Alexis Tsipras, as he briefs opposition parties in Athens about the state of talks about the FYROM name dispute.



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