Billboards in Skopje Proclaim: Our Name is Macedonia!

Billboards have gone up in Skopje and other cities of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), proclaiming that “Our Name is Macedonia”.

The campaign organized and funded by the Canada-based nationalist Macedonian Human Rights International (MHRMI), is demanding an immediate end to the negotiations with Greece over the name of the country.

The billboard asks the citizens of the country whether they want to be known as “New Macedonians”, “North Macedonians”, “Skopjans”, “Vardarians”, or simply Macedonians.

It also says that if the country’s name is changed anywhere, it will be changed everywhere and forever.

MHRMI claims that Macedonia’s name, identity, language and history are being negotiated away to appease ‘our oppressors’.

“We fully expect and demand an immediate defence of our most basic right of human rights, self-identification and self-determination, and our right to exist as who we have always been – Macedonians,” says MHRMI.


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