Albania Gives Citizenship to Greek Orthodox Archbishop Anastasios (video)

The Archbishop of Albania, Anastasios, led hundreds of Orthodox devotees at the Tirana Cathedral on Monday, where he held the first liturgy as an Albanian citizen.

Anastasios thanked Albania’s President Ilir Meta for his decision to be granted citizenship.

“I expressed my gratitude for this act, and added that I have always felt like an Albanian citizen since the first day I arrived here,” Anastasios said.

“The decision of this President makes many Orthodox Albanians; who have been waiting for this news for years, happy. I want to close my speech by saying that some things; like wine, get better over the years.

The President describes my 25-year-experience here with great friendship, which gives more importance to the decision he has taken,” the Archbishop said.

“We thank Mr. Meta, and we pray that Mr. Meta, my president, receives wisdom and courage to continue his important work in the country, for more progress and welfare. The future of our country in the EU is now certain,” Anastasios stressed.