Medical Tourism an Important Source of Revenue for Greece

The International Health Tourism Center (IHTC) is organising a conference on medical tourism with focus on the exchange of know-how, synergies and promotion of health services.

The conference is held in Bucharest, Romania, on November 3-5.

“It is yet another effort to support medical tourism, but many steps still need to be taken,” IHTC President George Patoulis said on Saturday stressing that with all these initiatives and actions “we are uniting the Balkan countries together, with Greece, Israel and Italy, in order to create a global structure to attract more people to health tourism.”

At the same time, Greece is seeking to increase its own share in the 40 billion dollar medical tourism market, he stated.

On his part, Giorgos Tziallas, the ministry’s secretary general for tourism policy and growth stressed that the development of medical tourism in Greece is a government priority adding that great efforts are being made towards this direction as it is an important source of revenue.
(Source: AMNA)