British Tennis Player Reveals Match-Fixing Offer at Greek Tournament

British tennis player Oliver Golding has shed light on a match fixing offer that he once received worth £1,794 during a tournament in Greece.

The former US Open junior champion reported the incident while also pointing out that he would think twice before doing so again following a lack of support from the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU).

“You hear about these sort of things happening and you’re aware it is a problem but it wasn’t a situation I’d found myself in before,” Golding told ITN News.

An event where similar incidents are not uncommon, the bottom-level ‘Futures‘ event in Greece offered a total prize money of £7,500.

The whole controversy was triggered with Greek player Alexandros Jakupovic suggesting to Golding that the Brit could lose the first set and go on to win the next two.

Golding eventually won the tie 6-3, 6-2 defeating the man with a career high ranking of 464 without too much fuss. Jakupovic was later found guilty of five offences and subsequently banned for life.

Golding was called to a hearing when the Greek’s activities were exposed, but the 24-year-old feels that he wasn’t provided much support by the TIU.

There has been a push by the TIU in the last four years to weed out illegal activities such as fixing as well as online betting, a period during which the organisation has expanded significantly.

Most of these activities are concentrated in the lower tiers of tennis tournaments which are spread across the globe whereby making them tricky to regulate.

Source: GMS


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