Greece Among EU Countries Registering Complaint About Ukrainian Education Bill

The foreign affairs ministers of Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, have written to the Foreign Minister of the Ukraine, expressing their concerns over the country’s new education bill, which excludes the use of minority language lessons.

“We are certainly concerned, and it is no coincidence that we have a joint initiative with colleagues from other European countries which may be affected by this law.”, said Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva.

“And today we, the foreign affairs ministers of Hungary, Romania, Greece and Bulgaria, signed a letter to the Foreign Minister of the Ukraine, in which we are signaling that this law should not affect minorities’ rights and education in the native language. We will send the same letter to the Council of Europe and the OSCE,” she added.

“Ukraine gave reassurances that the law is aimed at reinforcing the Ukrainian language, and will not affect the study of European languages,” she said.

On September 5, the Ukrainian parliament passed a new bill launching an education reform in the Ukraine. The bill determines, among other things, that teaching at schools should be in the country’s official language.