The Top Three Greek Islands Russian Tourists Choose for 2017

More Russian tourists are visiting the Greek islands than in past tourist seasons and have a significant increase in demand for all-inclusive tourists packages, according to a publishing by the Russian Tour Operator Association, ATOR.

Russian tour operators such as Russian Express, TUI Russia, NTK Intourist and ANEX Tour have all recorded increases in the amount of bookings to the islands, with the Russian travel agency PAX recording as much as a 38% increase in demand for Greek islands compared to last year.

Experts say that the increase is due to affordable prices on the islands where the average price for 10 nights ranges between 800-950 euros per person depending on the booking agency.

The three most popular Greek islands for Russians this season are Crete, Rhodes and Corfu, for their hotels and accommodations which offer all-inclusive services, the ATOR publishing explained.


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