100-Year-Old Shipwreck Discovered in Gulf of Izmir Could Be From ‘Great Fire of Smyrna’

A fifth shipwreck to date was recently uncovered in the Gulf of  Izmir according to Professor Muhammet Duman from Dokuz Eylül University (DEU) Marine Action in Science and Technology Institute.

The professor says that the shipwreck is at least 100-years-old and could be from the late 19th century or one of the Greek vessels that left the city following the historical “Great Fire of Smyrna”, which ended the 3,000-year-old Greek presence in Asia Minor in September 1922 after a fire ripped through the port city for days killing as many as 10,000-100,000 Greeks and Armenians.

“The ship could be one of the vessels belonging to the Greek forces leaving İzmir following the occupation,” Duman said according to www.dailysabah.com.

“We will have more information on how the ship was submerged as we get clearer images,” Duman added.

According to reports by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on Saturday, the 78-meters-long and eight meters wide ship was discovered in the Gulf of Izmir in the Çiğli district as the DEU was in the middle of executing a rehabilitation project for the Gulf and Harbor of  İzmir.


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