Mikis Theororakis in Düsseldorf

By Aspasia Zontanou
“Dearest Mikis Theodorakis” as Thomas Geißel, Mayor of Düsseldorf started addressing his greetings towards Mikis Theodorakis, 92, who was sitting in a wheelchair near the orchestra, almost 2000 guests in the audience immidiately reacted with standing ovations before the concert could even start.

” One of the greatest living composers of the 20th century” Geißel continued and pointed out that this was indeed a historical moment and an honour for the City of Düsseldorf to have the artist back in Germany. Daskarolis the Ambassador of Greece expressed his personal attachment to the composer and his contribution to the world.

The event was a cooperation between the Concert Hall “Tonhalle”, which used to be a planetarium and the biggest in the world in the 1920s, Greece on Tour and the Greek Consulate of Nord Rhine Westphalia, presented by Gregory Delavekouras.

Michael Becker the director of the Symphonic Orchestra introduced the program starting with the Symphony Nr. 2 “Canto della Terra” in full length (65 minutes) and after a break followed by Oedipus Tyrannos and finally Symphony Nr 3 for mezzo-soprano performed by Frances Pappas, a Greek/Canadian mezzo-soprano. The orchestra of Düsseldorf “Düsseldorfer Symphoniker” and the chorus “Chor des Städtischen Musikvereins Düsseldorf” was conducted by Baldur Broenniman.