New French Education Minister to Promote Latin and Ancient Greek in Schools

The new French National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, 52, said that he wants to promote Latin and Ancient Greek in schools.

Speaking to BFM TV on Tuesday, the head of education in the new Emmanuel Macron administration outlined his ministry’s priorities. Education reforms is a top priority for the French president.

As Blanquer explained, he wants to reintroduce bilingual classes, reintroduce lessons for the European Union and establish more classes for Latin and Ancient Greek, “from which our culture originates,” he said.

“We have to stop believing that these studies deepen social differences. They are improvement tools for all,” said France’s Minister of National Education. However, Blanquer added, students who wish to remain in the current curriculum, can do so.

Blanquer has been managing director of the ESSEC Business School since 2013. He has studied Law and taught in French universities. He speaks English and Spanish and is a member of the Latin Academy.