Swiss Police Investigating the Death of Prominent Greek Businessman, Manolis Kyprianidis

Police in Zurich, Switzerland are investigating the conditions in which a Greek businessman died, authorities have reported.

Greek native Manolis Kyprianidis was a permanent resident of the country and was found dead on Monday in his upscale home near Zurich and according to initial reports, police are looking into whether his death was by murder or suicide.

Kyprianidis was a successful businessman who served as the board chairman at AGET Iraklis, resigning in 2014.

His private life was also eventful as he was married to Marina Flegga, whose family owned Keranis tobacco company — of which Kyprianidis was once in charge. After ending his relationship with Flegga, Kyprianidis became involved with the famous actress, Mimi Denisi.

At this time the investigation is awaiting the results of the coroner’s report.