ISIS Jihadists Threaten Hagia Sophia in Istanbul


A new video by ISIS jihadists threatens the West and warns that the next target is Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, as Turkey will become a province of the new caliphate.

The video is 3.30 minutes long and was posted on the internet on January 16 on an ISIS-friendly website, but since then it has been taken down by all major search engines.

“The city will be painted in blood, smothered in soot. A sweet chant will be heard and the singers will pledge their belief in jihad,” the video says, while footage played from the recent terrorist attack at club Reina in Istanbul.

A voice in the video swears that there will be nothing left standing in the holy war against Turkey, and the war by the self-appointed prophets of the Islamic State will start from Hagia Sophia. With the blessing of Allah, Hagia Sophia will turn into debris and shards and the civilization it symbolizes will go into oblivion.

Turkey will be annexed in the new caliphate, the video continues, and the Erdogan regime will pay dearly for allowing mosques to the infidels. There will be no Hagia Sophia, no Topkapi. Infidels will only find debris and broken icons.

The threatening video addresses Turkey, but the real recipient is the West. Turkish secret services and authorities are on alert expecting a new terrorist hit.


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