Italian Plenary Discusses Submitting Proposal to UNESCO for Greek Language Promotion


The Greek Community and Brotherhood of the Philhellenic Society of Italy has managed to get the Italian plenary to discuss its proposals for the support of the Greek language and classical education. The goal is to get the Italian government to submit a proposal to UNESCO for the recognition of Latin and Greek listed on the “world cultural heritage list.” These languages in Europe and beyond are seen as being a unifying force in western culture.

There is a need for the government to act as a guarantor for the survival of classical studies for the younger generations. The Italian senate wants UNESCO to make Italy a symbolic custodian of these studies as it is on the crossroads of Greek and Latin culture and languages.

The Philhellenic Society also hopes for the establishment of an international day for Greek language and culture. A similar day had taken place in Naples in May when senior high schools had taken part in a Greek language marathon, whereas classical education had been discussed in the presence of local political representatives.