Queens of Syria Film Reinterprets Euripides’ Trojan Women [video]

queens-syriaA theatrical performance like no other is taking place at the Young Vic in London England, where a group of Syrian women are re-telling a tragic Greek tale from a modern-day perspective in a documentary filmed by Yasmin Fedda.

For her award-winning film, Queens of Syria, Fedda filmed 50 women who had never acted or visited the theater.

Over a period of seven weeks, she saw first-hand as the group of women grew emotionally stronger and overcame personal tragedies as they reflected on their own experiences for the reinterpretation of the play.

The story revolves around a modern retelling of Euripides’ Trojan Women as told by the group of Syrian refugees exiled in Jordan.

The women tell the tales of their first-hand experiences in a war-torn country as their stories have elements that mirror the Trojan women whom they portray.

The 70-minute long film is in Arabic with English subtitles.

The award-winning production is playing for the first time at the Young Vic before embarking on a UK tour.

Queens of Syria can be seen at the Young Vic, London, until July 9. For more information see http://www.youngvic.org


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