Making a Difference: Donating Bras to Refugee Women in Greece’s Camps


bra brigade lewisham UKAll it takes is one person to step forward from the crowd to make a difference in the lives of thousands.

This is exactly what speech therapist Donna Greaves has done as her mounting dissatisfaction and frustration of the UK‘s unwelcoming response to refugees inspired her to reach out to volunteer organizations and see where she could make a difference herself.

The 29-year-old therapist was determined to go to Greece and help in whatever capacity she could as she explained to

“I remember feeling frustrated by the way our government was dealing with [the refugee crisis], I was so embarrassed and ashamed. I just wanted to do something, I felt a sense of responsibility.”

In April, Greaves traveled to northern Greece and visited the refugees at Echo camp and a neighboring camp. Since she had taken the initiative to travel to Greece on her own, she joined other volunteers in delivering aid projects coordinated by a Syrian refugee, Aslam Obade.

While at the refugee camps, Greaves saw images that would haunt her upon her return back to the UK.

“The conditions were dehumanizing. It was difficult to watch,” she said.

When she returned home she recalled a request from one of the female refugees at the camp.

“The woman whispered in my ear, ‘While you’re there can you get me a bra?’ They were like gold dust.”

Greaves found her purpose and a means to help countless women in the refugee camps.

bra brigade drop-offShe asked her friends in Lewisham to donate bras and approached a local business to become a collection point. Greaves set up a Facebook group called Lewisham Bra Brigade, which received great support and after just two months, she managed to collect 1,400 bras.

Greaves had also taken it upon herself to raise money for the postage, however, another charity, Grace, stepped in and volunteered to send them free of charge, leaving Greaves with more money to spend on additional underwear and donations.

For more information or to find out how you can help see: Lewisham Bra Brigade Facebook Page


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