Russian Tourism to Greece Rose 523% in March

The number of tourists heading to Greece from Russia rose to 523 percent in March compared to the same period in the previous year, according to a study by Pay Pal and Data Insight of the Russian Association of Tourist Agents. “The increase was noted despite economic problems and the continued refugee crisis that the country is facing on its coast,” stated the agency.

Boris Ovchinnikov, a partner of Data Insight, stated: “We conducted the study with PayPal on the Russian online tourism market for three consecutive years and we are in a position to have a clear image of the market as it has been formulated.”

For instance, in the past, travel abroad was considered a luxury, but Russians were able to do the best they could in order to vacation abroad. “These people, aged more than 55 years, with a family income beneath 50,000 rubles, who were able to travel abroad in the past, continue to try and find opportunities for such trips at least once a year,” said Ovchinnikov.


  1. This is a benefit to Greece because the Turkey-Russian feud after Turkey shot down the Russian jet bombing ISIS, which Turkey supports, and other terrorists/rebels as well, against Syria. Turkey has chosen the theft of Syria’s oil via the terrorists/rebels/ISIS over trade and tourism from Russia.


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