Jewish Extremists Disrupt Pentecostal Prayers of Greek Orthodox Leaders on Mount Zion

tentacle 2In accordance to various agreements, Christians are able to observe communal worship in the Cenacle on Mount Zion five times a year, including the important Christian celebration of the Pentecost.

The Cenacle room on Mt Zion in Jerusalem is where two major events in the early Christian Church are commemorated. Christian belief celebrates the Pentecost as it marks 50 days after the Last Supper when the Holy Spirit entered each of the Holy Apostles. The result was that they learned to speak in foreign languages, and the Spirit left the Apostles with the mission to spread the word of Christianity throughout the world. The Pentecost marks the actual founding of the Christian Church.


However, religious tension flew high on Mount Zion the past week when police assigned to guard the Greek Orthodox procession intervened as some dozens of Jewish extremists disrupted the Pentecostal prayers.

Police reported to detain five enraged Jewish extremists.

According to, the Jewish demonstrators adorned with “flowing ear locks and large knitted yarmulkes screamed, booed and blew shofars at the worshipers” as the Greek Orthodox procession continued on to the compound that houses the Cenacle, which is the presumed site of the Room of the Last Supper as well as the Tomb of King David.

During the ceremony a small police-escorted group from the Greek Orthodox worshipers was led by the bishop to enter the Tomb of King David as the enraged Jewish protestors yelled out “The Jewish people live forever!…King David lives forever!…May the name of your so-called God be blotted out forever.” Someone even yelled “Nazi” at the police who established a security parameter around the event.

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The police reported that “overall, the events passed without incident” and that they were proud of their work stating that they found a “balance between the right to protest and the lack of any right to violently disrupt anyone else’s right to prayer.”

Beyond protesting, Jewish extremists groups have been known to deface churches and their property, desecrate Christian cemeteries, and spit on and verbally insult priests and monks.


  1. This is only a tiny taste of what Palestinians have been experiencing at the hands of Jewish ultra nationalist fanatics (the Jewish version of Nazis to their great shame). That said, we should not judge all Jews by the fascists in their midst any more than we would like if if all Greeks were judged by fanatics like Golden Dawn.


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