Kiwis in London Tour the Greek Islands on Cruise with Raw Sewage Leak

sweageleak kiwi FBThe Kiwis in London group had some unexpected issues arise on a recent trip to Greece. While on a seven-day “Yolo” cruise of the Greek islands they experienced raw sewage leaking from pipes in the ceilings and pouring to their hallways, as they reported on their Facebook group page and posted photos of the leaks.

According to Kingsley Hill, a member of the group, complained of “wet” and “smelly” rooms and that passengers on the top levels of the boat were not even able to use the bathroom because the sewage would overflow and flood the boat.

“Do not book with this company,” wrote tourist Kingsley Hill on the group’s Facebook page.

On their Facebook page another member said that the cruise’s tour manager, a man named George was “extremely unorganized, rude, dishonest and displayed the poorest of communication I’ve ever seen.”

The island tour is run by Sail in Greece and their head, Alexander Nastos told that there were problems with the quality of the boat and since the incident the tour manager has been replaced.

He commented that many of the Kiwi group’s complaints are legitimate.

“It is true that we faced a problem with the toilets,” Nastos said.

“Some of the travelers dropped toilet paper on the boat and the pipes blocked and as a result we had sewage coming out of the pipes. We have already changed our boat for the upcoming tours.”

Mr. Nastos also told that the cruise was not overbooked as the Kiwis in London group have claimed. Also, he mentioned that the group is blaming the company even after they have received refunds and that there is a competitive tour group linked to the Kiwis in London Facebook page who is trying to make the unfortunate series of events “seem much worse” than what happened.


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