Hagia Sophia to Turn to Mosque During Muslim Ramadan [video]

agiasofia1.mediumThe morning prayer from the Koran was read at Hagia Sophia in Istanbul on the first day of Muslim Ramadan, Monday, June 6, in the presence of Turkey’s general secretary of religious affairs.

The former Byzantine church that now serves as a museum, will turn into a mosque for the next 30 days and the Koran will be read daily until July 5, when Ramadan ends. Religious state channel TRT Diyanet will be broadcasting daily at 2:00 pm from Hagia Sophia.

The fact that the former Christian Orthodox Church that for the past 80 years has operated as a museum and now turns into a mosque for one month has touched a sensitive nerve with Christian Greeks and has been criticized broadly.

However, no official complaint was voiced from the Greek government. The lack of official reaction has prompted criticism from conservative opposition party New Democracy.

“The decision of Turkish authorities to schedule the Koran reading in Hagia Sophia for the next month, has virtually transformed it into a mosque for the first time in 80 years. It is a provocative and incomprehensible act and shows disrespect against Orthodox Christians across the world and is not in line with Turkey’s European course,” said in a joint statement the coordinator of Foreign Affairs and Defence of New Democracy, Dora Bakoyannis, and head of the party’s Foreign sector Ioannis Kefalogiannis.

The conservative party MPs also call on the foreign ministry to take appropriate action immediately and criticize the ministry for its lukewarm, defeatist policy of not displeasing anyone and being good to everyone.




  1. Why would there be a complaint from the Greek government, have people forgotton that they are led by a draft dodging atheist who couldn’t care less if all Greek churches would be turned into mosques or torn down let alone one that now belongs to Turkey?

  2. Very Disrespectful!
    I wonder how Turks would react if Jews or Christians read readings at the Blue Mosque, Dome of the Rock or at Mecca for a Month.
    Or how Catholic’s would react if Jews or Muslims or even Orthodox Christians read readings at the Vatican……
    There would be a massive out cry.
    Ataturk understood how sacred Hagia Sophia is to the Orthodox world that is why he had the foresight to turn it into a museum to be shared by the world. He understood if he kept it as a mosque it would cause an undercurrent of disaproval and resentment from the Orthodox world and the world at large by denying the minority civilians and Orthodox’s world wide their sacred place of worship.
    May Allah and God enlighten the Turkish President to stop these provocative actions and return to the status quo or grant the Orthodox’s their right to worship there or set up a state within state like the Vatican and open the priest seminary school.
    To diffuse the situation and return to peace not escalations to war.
    Turks have plenty of place to worship they even have the Blue Mosque right next door, give Hagia Sophia back to the Orthodox if this cant be done leave it a museum and let common sense prevail.

  3. No mosque in Athens!!!! why do leftists make us bow down to islam, a religion that raped, killed and try to convert the entire nation?

  4. whats also interesting in Turkey is that at the end of this month, Istanbul will have its annual gay pride parade which on previous years was the biggest in europe until Erdogan attacked the marchers last year with water cannons and riot police. I can guarantee the same will happen this year, yet the same leftists that love islam and tell us islam is a peaceful religion. that also defend gay rights have NOTHING to say about attacks and islamisation of turkey. They are full of complete rubbish, absolute hypocrites like Tsipras, they jail their opponents and pretend that nazis are the real enemy when it is them that are acting like fascists – animals and liars, absolutely stupid with no education imo

  5. Greek PM Tsipras doesn’t care about an old Orthodox Basilica, he’s too busy cutting Greek social safety net and selling the nation off in pieces.

  6. Islam is not a peaceful religion, they never respected the Christian faith, they cannot be trusted!

  7. Those Turks never had respect for anything!
    Give Haghia Sophia back to the greeks, it belong to them!


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