Rebetiko Tunes To Fill the Streets of London Throughout June (video)

rebetiko carnival

Starting this Saturday on June 4th and until July 2nd, the Rebetiko Carnival 2016 will give the opportunity to Londoners to experience and enjoy the history and beauty of the Rebetiko music genre.

Rebetiko, is one of Greece’s most iconic music genres. It is the music of an urban sub culture called “Rebetes”, which emerged in Greece in the 1920s, and is a rich synthesis of music from all over Greece, Asia Minor, Ottoman modal art music, Byzantine chant, and cafe music. Rebetiko expresses the pain and suffering of the people at the time, through war, poverty and incarceration, as well as other deeply felt sentiments and aspects of everyday life.

One could say that Rebetiko is the Greek version of Blues music. The main instrument that has been associated with Rebetiko is the bouzouki; however, since the music in influenced by different regions and experiences, other instruments that are usually used are the oud, kanun, violin, accordion and the guitar.

The Rebetiko Carnival, aims to celebrate the history and the emotions that this music can evoke. The event‘s program includes concerts with feature to the genre’s most iconic figures and musicians. In addition, the Rebetiko Carnival will host several concerts outside of London, in Brighton, Bristol and Shrewsbury.

Find out the event’s full program and book your tickets here.