Archaeologists in Turkey Discover Ancient Mosaic With Greek Message


Archaeologists in Turkey have discovered a unique 2,400 year-old ancient Greek mosaic.

The floor tiles, found in Hatay province on the Turkish-Syrian border, show a skeleton lying down with a wine pitcher and loaf of bread alongside Ancient Greek text that reads: “Be cheerful, enjoy your life.”

Hatay is known for its vast collection of Roman-era mosaics.

According to archaeologist Demet Kara from the Hatay Archaeology Museum, the mosaic is an artefact from the ancient Greek-Roman city of Antioch. Established in the 3rd century BC, the city of Antioch is said to be the first place where Jesus’s followers were referred to as Christians.

“Two things are very important among the elite class in the Roman period in terms of social activities,” said Kara to Hurriyet Daily News, “the first is the bath and the second is dinner.”


  1. citizens from levante Build like Thies Mosaic more than 4000 tausend years a go . Just like Roman and Greek read and Write Comes from Phönizians.

  2. That’s all they got there as an attraction, Ancient Greek ruins and Hagia Sophia. Gotta love the stupidity of muslims they trash Greek/Christian Churches but use the Hagai Sophia a Christian Churches Design when building their dome mosques. I love the irony. All Their dome muslim mosques are based on Greatest Christian Church design. Hilarious!


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