400 Refugees and Migrants Dead after Drowning in the Mediterranean


More than 400 people appear to have perished in their effort to reach Italy through Egypt, as the four over-filled boats on which they had boarded, were over-turned in the Mediterranean, BBC Arabic reports.

Most of the passengers were refugees and migrants from Somalia and Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Italy Foreign Affairs Minister has confirmed the information for the death of hundreds of people in the open sea of Egypt, adding that he is expecting more information.

Rescued refugees and migrants of the latest tragedy between Egypt and Italy, say that hundreds of people drowned. The 40 rescued people have been transferred to the port of Kalamata, according to BBC.

The 40 refugees and migrants have survived because they did not manage to board the other boat. There was damage on the boat and they wrote SOS on its roof. After that, a commercial boat with a Philippine flag picked them up and transferred them to the port of Kalamata. However, the information is still unclear, as there is no information from the appropriate authorities, according to BBC.


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