Greece Offers Incentives to Russian Tourists

rwsoi_1“We will do everything to ensure timely visa issuance (for Russian citizens) by adding personnel and certainly by speeding up procedures,” said Greek government spokesperson Olga Gerovasili in an interview to Russian newspaper Kommersant.

Gerovasili also said that Greece will soon open more visa application centers to meet demand of Russian tourists. In addition, she stated, “many Greek companies will offer 20% discount to Russian tourists throughout the season.”

The government spokesperson was in Moscow for the celebration events of “Greece Year”.

“Our consular authorities in Russia are doing everything they can to enhance human resources in order to cope with visa applications, which are many,” Gerovasili said. She added that visa application centers will open in other cities in Russia to facilitate visa processing.

The government spokesperson also said that the Greek ministry of tourism has negotiated with tourist companies and businesses to offer discounted rates and prices to Russian citizens. “In the coming days it will be announced – I believe that it is ready – that many Greek companies will offer 20% discounts to Russian tourists for their purchases throughout the season.”

When asked whether there will be discounts in tourist packages from Russia, Gerovasili noted: “We will see to that, ie reductions in tourist packages. What I mentioned previously refers to individual businesses.”

Regarding trade sanctions imposed to Russia by the European Union, Gerovasili said: “We will start a dialogue in order to overcome problems caused by sanctions and countermeasures.”

“We anticipate President Putin’s visit to Greece. A visit which we consider extremely important. The Greek government has a firm commitment to strengthen and broaden the dialogue between the two countries.”

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