Poland the First EU Member State to Refuse to Accept Refugees in the Aftermath of Brussels Attacks

refugeesPoland is the first country to refuse to accept refugees after the terrorist attacks in Brussels which left over 30 people dead and hundreds injured.

Prime Minister Szydlo said it is “not possible” to honor a refuge deal with the European Union after what happened in Brussels. What this means is that Poland is no longer willing to accept the 7,000 refugees it had agreed to accept in negotiations with the European Union because of fears of terrorism as a result of the deadly Brussels attacks.

Poland’s Prime Minister said yesterday that she “does not see any possibility for the refugees to come to Poland,” according to Polish broadcaster Superstacja.

The initial agreement with the EU called for Poland to take several thousands of refugees over the course of the next three years, although there is a strong anti-immigrant sentiment in the country.

Over the last years, thousands of Poles took part in demonstrations against refugees and immigrants organized by the extreme right nationalist movement the National Radical Camp.