Vice Media to Expand in Russia and Six More Eastern European Countries


The “Vice phenomenon” that has taken over the internet and television for the past few years, starting off from Canada and spreading rapidly all over the world with its alternative journalism, is about to add a few more partners under its wings.

Vice Media will launch in Russia and six more eastern European countries, according to “The Guardian.”

The media organization has partnered with the Greek broadcaster Antenna Group to spread out across Russia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia and Croatia.

Vice will initially launch digitally, with additional plans to expand into TV channels, either on its own or in partnership with local broadcasters, such as the case of Greece.

According to the deal,as the Guardian mentions “Vice intends to launch new editorial and production operations in order to create and share its programming across the seven new countries/markets.”

“Our partnership with Vice is a real success,” said Theodore Kyriakou, chief executive of Antenna Group. “We bring complementary strengths and have built large audiences quickly.”