Bulgarian Civilian Turns Border Patrolman; Arrests Refugees

546A Bulgarian man who lives close to the Turkish border has been patrolling the area on his spare time in order to stop migrants who enter his country illegally and boasts 25 arrests.

Dinko Valev patrols the border riding his quad-bike (ATV) and urges more Bulgarians to join in voluntary border squads. He even suggested that the Bulgarian government should pay bounties for illegal migrants arrested.

The unique border guard said that he started his activity after he was jumped by a man claiming to be a Syrian refugee and tried to steal his bike to make his escape. Valev fought back and took the man and others prisoner.

Speaking to Bulgarian television station BTV, he described the attack by the Syrian who was shouting “Allah” and how he took him down. Valev said he has arrested 25 illegals so far.

Valev told BTV that he doubts these men who try to cross the border are genuine refugees. “In France, those who did the attacks, were they fleeing? They destroy, they want to conquer. They try with a screwdriver to stab me, saying ‘Allah, Allah’. Here at the border, it is hell.”

The vigilante said that he has the resources to hire another two or three men to have with him on patrols, and called on the government to release funds to encourage other volunteers.

“If the government would pay a bounty of 25 euros per illegal captured,” he said, “in half an hour I would fill my place with [volunteers].” However, he claimed that he wouldn’t want the bounty money for himself. “I would use it for donations to orphanages, rest homes for the elderly, the churches,” he said.



  1. What an idiot. The reason the Syrian refugee is trying to poke you with a screw driver is because you are assaulting them. Shame on you.