Racist Delirium on Polish Magazine Cover

While Greece received thousands of refugees in the past year — with a large number of them taking their last breath in the sea – and despite the fact that the international community has expressed its compassion towards this ongoing tragedy, there is still a part of Europe that holds an opposite stand by closing its borders and taking precious items from the refugees in exchange for their stay. This time, a cover in a Polish magazine sparked outrage in social media, which condemned it for racist delirium.

The magazine cover depicts a fair-skinned woman wrapped in the EU flag, being harassed by dark-skinned hands. The photo is accompanied by the headline: The Islamic rape of Europe. The popular weekly magazine claims that with the aforementioned front page, it scathes the fact that the mass media and the elite from Brussels hide the truth from the EU citizens.

Even though it was proven that only three of the rapists in Cologne were refugees, in the case that came to light on News Year’s Eve regarding the mass harassment of hundreds of women in Germany, the magazine returns to this issue and “warns” of an Islamization of Europe through its photos.

The provocative cover has sparked a series of reactions throughout social media, with many of the users comparing the Polish journalists to nazi propagandists, who during World War II, used to depict in their publications women being attacked by Jews or Africans.