As Refugee Exodus to Greece Continues, Some Take Bulgarian Route

migrants_bulgariaMore than 1,000 refugees arrived at Greece’s biggest port of Piraeus near Athens yesterday (January 13) as the influx of refugees fleeing conflict zones for Europe continued unabated into the winter months.

From Greece, some of the migrants take the Bulgarian route. Yesterday the Bulgarian police announced it had saved 118 migrants from drowning in the Maritsa river (Evros in Greece). It is still unclear if they are of Syrian or Iraqi origin. All are without identity documents.

Traffickers brought the migrants by boats from Greek territory to Bulgaria and abandoned them. Police found them as they were trying to reach to the shore. Twenty-four of them are men, 26 are women and 68 are children, the Bulgarian TV channel bTV announced. Reportedly there are no unaccompanied children.

This is not the first time that migrants are intercepted through this route. Locals from the neighboring village of Generalovo say that crossings occur on a daily basis. The rumor goes that traffickers charge migrants $1,500 per person to bring them from Greece to Bulgaria.
(source: euractiv)