Greece Among the 16 Best Countries to Find a Job

greece-employmentHigh levels of employment and the creation of new job positions are vital factors for economic development and for the welfare and happiness of citizens in every country.

Glassdoor, an American website where employees and former employees anonymously review companies and their management, released a list of the top 16 European countries with the best work conditions. The list included Greece and to everyone’s surprise the country was not found in last place but in the fifteenth, before Spain.

In order to create the list, Glassdoor used statistical data provided by Eurostat and the OECD. Essentially the website rated each country’s performance in various indicators, rating each country with points from 0 to 10.

Estonia was ranked first, as the best country in Europe to get a job. The small state got perfect scores for three indicators — temporary employment, temporary youth employment, and involuntary part-time work. Estonia was followed by Norway, the United Kingdom, Austria and Denmark, all of which are countries showing low numbers of unemployment, and receiving high scores in most indicators.

Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Italy and Portugal were also ranked high on the list.

Greece was ranked in 15th place. “Another country where unemployment has been a massive problem in recent years, Greece scores far better than Spain in a couple of categories. It got an ‘average’ score in both temporary unemployment indicators,” noted the website.

Finally, Spain was ranked last, in 16th place, because the country received no points in the youth unemployment, temporary employment, and youth temporary employment categories, as a result of the financial crisis that has plagued the country in recent years.


  1. I am surprised at the statistics regarding Greece. Unemployment is at its highest with more then 2 millions cant find jobs so how come Greece is among 16 best countries to find jobs when I myself cannot find a proper job with a proper salary??? Busnisesses are closing down and many workers haven’t been paid for so many months. Glassdoor, get your facts right.


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