Greek Bosnian Tennis Player Banned for Life from the Sport

jakupovicAlexandros Jakupovic was handed a lifetime ban by the Tennis Integrity Unit, having been found guilty on five different corruption charges.

Jakupovic had already been found guilty on November 12th but the ban was announced on Friday.

“The lifetime ban takes immediate effect and means that the player, 33, is permanently ineligible to compete in or attend any tournament or event organized or sanctioned by the governing bodies of the sport,” the announcement reads.

Among the five charges issued against the 33-year-old Greek-Bosnian were that he violated the rule to not “directly or indirectly, contrive or attempt to contrive the outcome or any other aspect of any Event” as well as the law that no player “directly or indirectly, offer or provide any money, benefit or Consideration to any other Covered Person with the intention of negatively influencing a Player’s best efforts in any Event”.

Jakupovic, who has been a professional player since the age of 17, according to the International Tennis Federation, held a career high seed of 464th place in the singles ranking in 2009 and the 267th seed in the doubles ranking in 2011.


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