Abaaoud Sneaked Through Europe’s Borders Planning More Attacks, New Reports Says

abaAbdelhamid Abaaoud, the Belgian citizen who is considered to have organized the November 13 Paris attacks, was planning future attacks in France, according to leaked testimonies and media reports.

Reuters cites sources “close to the investigation” who claim that Abaaoud was boasting about how he manipulated the Schengen Area agreement as well as the refugee crisis to enter Europe through Greece two months back. More than 876,000 people have arrived in the European Union this calendar year with 728,000 of them entering through Greece.

DNA tests of samples collected during an older investigation into two apartments in Athens, verified that Abaaoud had been in the Greek capital in January. Since then, he had left for Syria and his return into Europe a few months ago has raised concerns over how he was able to enter undetected.

French magazine Valeurs Actuelles leaked the confession of a confidential witness, who alleged that following the Paris attacks, which killed 130 people, Abaaoud was planning other attacks in Jewish districts and “disruptions” in transportation in France, as well as attacks on Paris’s financial center, La Defense. Reuters note that the Parisian prosecutor Francois Molins has confirmed that there was an attack being prepared against La Defense on November 18.