Security Tightened Across Europe in Response to Paris Attacks

Paris AttacksGovernments across Europe held emergency meetings to assess the threat level and stepped up security measures Saturday in response to a series of coordinated attacks in Paris the day before that killed at least 128 people and hurt over 350.

Countries bordering France, including Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, announced restrictions on traffic and advised their citizens against visiting Paris.

Speaking to reporters in Berlin, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said Germany had taken additional security measures to protect the public.

“The situation is grave, but I do not want to talk about gradations and say, ‘Today the danger is slightly less, tomorrow it is rather higher.’ This danger remains high. … Since last night, the security authorities in Germany have implemented the necessary measures to ensure public safety, and these measures are ongoing,” he said.

Asked about reports that at least one of the attackers in Paris came from Syria, de Maiziere declined to give a direct answer, saying that French authorities were still investigating and it was up to them to inform the public. De Maiziere warned against “hasty links” to the refugee debate.
(source: VOA)