Greek Flag Burned Outside OMONOIA Offices in Albania

OmoniaA Greek flag was burned outside the offices of the “OMONOIA” organization by unknown individuals on Monday night in the Agious Saranta area in south Albania.

The Democratic Union of the National Greek Minority OMONOIA is an organization located in southern Albania that aims to promote the Greek community’s rights in the country.

The organization released an announcement condemning the attack and called on the Albanian authorities to act.

“Nations’ symbols are sacred and we call on the Albanian justice to shows us the appropriate sensitivity that is required by the country’s constitution and laws, so that the perpetrators can be led to justice,” the announcement notes.

OMONOIA further noted that while it is contributing to Albania’s democratization, it expects to be shown respect.


  1. Northern Epirus need to be independent again like it was back in 1914, If it doesn’t break away from the Albanians, it will be like Kosovo, no more indigenous Greeks only Albanians.
    FREE Northern Epirus!!!

  2. Firstly, Albanians are indigenous to the region just as Greeks are. Secondly, South Albania cannot be indepdent and thirdly you clearly know very little about Kosovo and cannot make the difference of the! And the 5,000 Greeks in Albania. I recommend you leave the net and get in depth, mom bias education!

  3. It is Saranda. Not agious saranta or whatever you said. Otherwise Epirus in Greece is Chameria.

  4. Omonoia has done nothing in Albania but waste time. That’s why only 5000 are members of that organisation haha

  5. Ismail Kemali : The founder of the Albanian state recognized throughout Toskeria what is today all southern Albania as Greek territory. ! And about Greater Albania he said :”We want to put the north border with Kosovo, not with Toskeria of Greece
    «Agios Saranda», which meant “40 saints”
    The 40 Saints Monastery refers to the same story where modern “Saranda” got it’s name from (Saranda means “40” in Greek)

  6. Greeks in Albania has been disputed for a very long time. Both Albania and Greece
    hold different and often conflicting estimations, as they have done so
    for the last 20 years. In addition, the Greek National Minority of
    Albania also holds a different view, with the most recent so called
    ‘Greek census’ in Albania by the group Omonoia
    putting the number at 287,000 (within Albania and some parts of Greece
    only). This census is not recognised by the Albanian government. The
    total Greek population in Albania, both historically and presently is no
    more than 300,000 by modest estimates. In addition 189,000 reside in
    Greece who are Albanian nationals. It is believed that the total number
    of Greeks from Albania is no more than 550,000 including ancestry within
    Albania and Greece. The numbers may be higher when considering
    intermarriages, assimilation and wider diaspora.


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